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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design

All of our websites are hosted through www.cre8tivstudios.com. They provide us with generous space and bandwidth to cover every client. You will have your own login to access all of your information as well as maintain your own hosting account.

You are free to host your site wherever you want.  We can build WordPress sites on any platform, Any server or email maintenance will be up to the  hosting company.

Every site hosted with us will receive 50 free email accounts. All accounts can be created and maintained in your hosting panel.

All of our sites are designed in WordPress. One out of every three sites on the internet are designed in WordPress. It’s user-friendly and comes with a large collection of plugins and upgrades you can add to your site.

Once you fill out our contact form, sites take about 10 – 15 business days to complete. The more information we have to complete the site, the sooner we can get it done.

You can submit any changes you’d like us to make via email, or you can make the changes yourself. We also include how-to videos in the backend of our website for additional help on how to make changes independently. Site changes take 2-4 business days.

Once your site is designed, we will connect it to your preferred online payment processors. You will need a PayPal, Stripe, or Square account for your sites to be functional.

You are free to purchase or add plugins from the WordPress repository.

If you would like us to add them for you, simply send us an email and we will install the desired plugins onto your website.

PWA - Mobile App

The Progressive Web App functions just like a mobile app. Its purpose is to scale down the information to your network as most mobile users are looking to get straight to the point.  You can add specific features on your PWA that deal directly with your audience, like updates, events, and eCommerce features.

All PWAs are capable of being submitted to Android and iOS. Each client will need their own developer accounts to submit their app and they will need to be approved by Apple and Android before becoming available. The average time to publish a mobile app from start to finish is roughly 6 – 8 weeks

Developer Account – Apple
Developer Account  Android

PWA take anywhere from 7 – 10 business days AFTER we receive the app form completion.  Once approved, you will be sent a link that you can send out to your network and we will add a page to your website.

Your PWA will work on any mobile device that has a web browser. All content is securely loaded via our network and all information submitted by your network is protected.

You are able to accept donations, store sales, and every type of mobile payment in your PWA.  You will need to be connected to a mobile payment processor or merchant account for this feature to be active.

billing & payments

To begin the process, clients must pay for the first two months upfront.  If you already have a logo, the landing page will be set up within 72 hours.

After your project is completed, your first month will not be billed until the fourth month of service with us. This is to ensure all features of your new site are fully operational and functional.

If you are on a month-to-month plan the setup fee is $75.

You may start out month to month first to test it out at a rate of $279 per month. Please keep in mind when we purchase the domain name, our registrars will require that we not transfer ownership of the domain name for 180 days, so we will be unable to release the domain name in the event that you choose not to permanently utilize our services.

There is no formal contract however to maintain your introductory rate with Total CMS, you must maintain active service for 6 months.  Your services will remain active as long as your invoices are paid within 4 days of the due date.

After your initial period, you can renew at a month-to-month period for the SAME RATE or extend your services for a longer period and get a 15% discount.  You may start out month to month first to test it out at a rate of $279 per month.

Every invoice will be due on the 28th of the month.  You will have 4 days to pay your invoice and then all of your services will be suspended until payment is made with an additional late fee of $25.

To cancel services, please send an email to manager@totalchurchmediasolutions.com with the subject CANCEL ACCOUNT.  We will need a 30 days notice to cancel any service. (but you  don’t need this information so disregard it 🙂  ).

livestreaming channel

Your live video will play on your website and in your mobile app.  You will be able to share the video player via an embed code to other websites as well.

Once your account is created, our team will upload your stream key to your client portal. You will be able to stream from most software using that key.

We recommend for smooth playback to set your bitrate to no more than 1000Kbps. We also recommend you set the keyframe rate to 5.  If you are unsure how to do this, please contact us via our contact page HERE.

Yes. Your content will not be shared with any business or institution for marketing or any other purpose. We are GDPR compliant.

No. Total CMS will not take down your content. We are avid believers of free speech and encourage diversity. We will only take down content in extenuating circumstances if a copyright infringement claim is made.

flyer designs & templates

All flyers are designed for social media posting at a size of 1200 x 1500 pixels which fits all social media networks.  We also include a 1920 x 1080 version for your Livestream or online broadcast. If you need a different size please specify that on the flyer request form.

Flyer designs take 2 to 4 Business days.  Once a proof is finalized. It will be uploaded to your client folder in your account page. You can submit changes in the backend of your portal and the final copy will be delivered via email. If you have an IMMEDIATE request for a flyer you can email flyers@totalcms.com. A per flyer rush fee of $25 will be added to your monthly bill. This will only be added to your billing cycle one time per EACH flyer you request a rush on.

No source files will be included in your backend. If you would like to request a source file, please contact us on our website. Each file requested will add an additional $10 ONE-TIME charge to your next months billing cycle

You are able to purchase an addtional graphic retainer package in your backend customer portal. You can add a 5 flyer package to your next billing cycle for $175.

All templates will be available in the backend of your client portal.  Files are in a zip folder and do not include fonts. They are in PSD format.

Media & motion graphics

Once you sign up, we will email you a login to your media panel where you can download and use all of your available media.

We have partnered with another company to provide better service for your media needs. Any support needed for your media files will be handled directly through Total CMS.

The backgrounds are fully compatible with the provided presentation software. Tutorials will be uploaded weekly on how to incorporate them into each service.

All videos are available in 480p SD resolution; all videos created in 2010 and later are available in both SD & 1080p HD resolution. Registered members can download all of the following: WMV, suggested for windows users, MP4, suggested for Mac users, and MPG1 which isn’t as high of quality but guaranteed to work on all systems and software. 

Every media file has its own media copyright requirements listed in the download area.  Streaming licenses are included and/or listed on each contributor’s page. If you have any doubt of whether or not you are violating any copyright issues, please feel free to reach out to the creator of the media or Total CMS for more information.

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